8 Things to Do to Learn Fashion Designing at Home and Make it Big

lunedì, giugno 24, 2019

For a lot of people, the idea of becoming a fashion designer comes late in life. By then they already have professional commitments and responsibilities at home. Taking time off to learn fashion designing from a college or an institute is not really a practical solution for them.

Thankfully, fashion designing is one of those few professions where you can make it without a certification. As long as you have the skills to draw, sew, and design clothes and the business acumen to launch your own brand, you can be a professional fashion designer. You can learn all the skills required to be a fashion designer at home and make a calculated career shift when you are ready. Be warned, breaking into the fashion industry is not just about talent or learning about fashion designing. It takes years of hard work, networking skills, and pure old-fashioned luck to be recognized by reputed names in the industry.

With that in mind, the following are 8 things you need to do to learn fashion designing at home.

Pass an Online Fashion Designing Course
If you don’t have the time or the budget to go to a regular fashion design school, it’s best to start with an online fashion designing course. Being part of the course not only helps you learn the technical skills required to become a fashion designer but it helps you understand the business side of things. A lot of courses also allow you to interact with other students who are kind of on the same boat as you are. Learning from their successes and failures will help you prepare for the future.  

Buy Discount Fabrics Online
If you want to learn the skills to create fashion items, you need to stock up on different types of fabric. Buy discount fabrics online so you have enough options to play with when practicing. Make sure to buy fabrics in bulk because you will probably waste a lot of it during the practice phase. It’s also important to create a library of fabrics at home to quickly materialize design ideas.

Practice, Practice, Practice
Everything from fashion illustrations to working with different types of fabrics, you need to hone your fashion design skills by practicing. This is just to make sure you have the skills to illustrate what you have in mind and the ability to convert those illustrations into wearable clothes.
Find Your Style
There are plenty of designers who routinely use floral patterns and make summery outfits for everyday wear. There are also those who make sleek and subtle designs for modern offices. While you can design different types of outfits for different occasions, it’s always good to identify your style. These should be items you love creating and want people to associate you with. Brainstorm with other designers or routinely introspect to find your style.  
Work on Building a Brand
You might have all the skills to create a fashion line from drawings to ramps, but you would still need the business skills. Start by creating a website and promoting your work on social media. Attend fashion shows and meet with designers and organizers of fashion weeks to get your line showcased. This the difficult part of being a fashion designer and thus you shouldn’t expect smooth sailing when trying to promote your brand. Learn how to network successfully and build strong relationships with the movers and shakers of the fashion world.  

Work Hard and Set Humble Expectations
You need to be prepared to pay your dues before making it big in the fashion industry. Expect small successes and major failures along the way. That way you will not be swayed by the hurdles that are bound to come your way and quit prematurely. When you start off, create small achievable goals, like networking with 10 people in the industry at a fashion event.
Get Unbiased Opinion from Professionals
While it’s important to not be swayed by criticism, it’s equally crucial to get them from established people in the field. Being open to feedback not only allows you to learn but it also creates opportunities to get mentored by fashion designers.

Consider Getting an Entry-Level Fashion Designing Job
One of the great ways to sustain yourself when trying to establish your own brand is by joining an entry-level fashion designing job. This will help you to support yourself and your family while you figure out strategies and gather the funds required to launch your brand. There are plenty of fashion houses that routinely look for talented designers.

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