Tips on Recovering from Rhinoplasty

giovedì, aprile 18, 2019

More commonly known as a nose job, the purpose of rhinoplasty is to change the structure or appearance of the nose. Mostly requested for cosmetic reasons, a rhinoplasty has many medical benefits like functionality. There are several types of rhinoplasty that can accomplish different nasal changes, with differing degrees of intricacies and invasiveness. Whenever a surgeon performs this procedure, it always requires a recovery time and specific post-surgical care.

However, if not careful, your results and recovery may not be what you were expecting. There are steps the patient can take to make their recovery easier and quicker, also avoiding issues that could compromise their desired surgical outcome. Dr. Anurag Agarwal, of Naples’ Aesthetic Surgery Center, has listed some helpful tips on how to recover, and what to avoid.

What To Expect From a Rhinoplasty

Perhaps a troubling note from performing so many rhinoplasties is a patient never knows what happens post-surgery. So many surgeons list information about a nose job, but rarely ever go into detail as far as what you should look out for once finished. So, what can you expect from a rhinoplasty?

What You’ll Feel

Typically, you’ll feel slight to moderate soreness and discomfort you can control with oral medications. Discomfort or pain should decrease within 72 hours of the surgery. Patients usually see the swelling and bruising in the eye and cheek area after the surgery. Since it’s a nose procedure, nasal stuffiness can occur. Patients will experience numbness in the area of the upper front teeth, the tip of the nose, and the roof of the mouth. And to add to the senses-related issues, a temporary change can occur regarding taste or smell afterward. These symptoms normally worsen the next day post-surgery but will decrease within a couple weeks.

Keep In Mind

You’ve just had a rhinoplasty, so don’t be alarmed as there will be bloody nasal discharge, though only temporary. You’ll notice excess mucus developing in your throat because of the invasiveness of the surgery. During a follow-up appointment, your surgeon will remove both internal and external nasal dressings 5 - 7 days of succeeding surgery.

Tips For Rhinoplasty Recovery

   A friend or family member should drive the patient to and from surgery and stay with themfor the first night after the surgery.
   Gently administer saline mist spray into the nose, along with placing a small amount of petroleum-based ointment inside to keep the interior lubricated, four to six times per day, starting the first day after surgery to lessen discomfort.
       Take antibiotics and pain medication as prescribed by the doctor.
     To decrease swelling in the affected areas, gently apply cool compresses or ice packs, four to six times per day for the first twenty-four hours following surgery.
     Sleep with head elevated, with the upper body raised up between 30 to 45 degrees for the first week succeeding surgery.
     Most likely, we will use dissolvable sutures inside the nose which will dissolve within a few weeks.
       If there are external sutures, the patient should keep them clean and dry.
   If non-dissolving sutures are used for external incisions, they should be removed five to seven days after surgery.

What To Avoid Post-Surgery

   Do not take aspirin or any aspirin products (NSAIDS or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) for two weeks after surgery unless directed by the doctor, because it could cause substantial bleeding.
     If the patient smokes, smoking and the use of other tobacco products should be refrained from for two weeks after surgery. Tobacco inhibits blood circulation and can jeopardize the surgical outcome.
     Blowing the nose is discouraged for two weeks following surgery as it can hinder prompt and proper healing because of bleeding that can occur, besides any other damage that is caused. If sneezing can’t be avoided, sneeze with mouth wide open to minimize any stress or disturbance within the nose.
     Do not allow the external nasal dressing to become wet. The patient can shower or bathe the first day following surgery, taking care not to get the nasal dressing wet. Also, protect the nose from being directly sprayed with water because it can be very painful and damaging to the area. Rubbing or massaging the nose is not advised unless the doctor permits it.
      For the first month succeeding the surgery, do not allow glasses to rest on the bridge of the nose, as it will cause stress to the bridge.
  Avoid the sun or use an SPF 15 sunblock (or higher) for six months following surgery, because sun exposure could cause a long-term reddish discoloration of the nasal skin.
  Avoid physical exertion which includes any kind of exercise, and that includes lifting or straining for at least three weeks following the surgery. Exertion or straining could cause bleeding, disrupting the wound healing process.
●   Even though the nose may not be painful during the healing process, it is still very vulnerable to injury, so extreme care needs to be taken not to bump or squeeze it.

Naples Rhinoplasty Expert

Anurag Agarwal, M.D., F.A.C.S., is a board-certified Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon, and an Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgeon (ENT). He performs surgeries that exclusively benefit the areas of the face, head, and neck. Part of the Aesthetic Surgery Center, he is an established figure for facial plastic surgery in Naples, FL. Contact Dr. Agarwal if you’d like more information on the dos and don’ts for rhinoplasty, or if you’re interested in a nose job in the Naples area.

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