Christmas Wishlist

venerdì, dicembre 25, 2015

Christmas holidays are here so we are also very very close to the most glam night of the year!
So we gott get ready for New Year's Eve party with a very special dress, so here is my wishlist from Sammydress, a website where you can found pieces that can change everything about how you look and therefore feel. Depending on the kind of party you're going to attend, you have to choose the right kind of dress. If you're going to a very chic and elegant place, the right choice is a long mermaid dress, refined but also sexy at the same time. If you don't feel comfortable with this kind of dress shape, but you you know the party is going to be really elegant, you can get a long dress, that will make you look like a real princess. 

If the party isn't going to be not so binding, you can opt for a short dress, and look always classy and fabulous. Depending on your personality you can decide to wear for example a romantic and feminine lace dress. Or if you prefer to attract attention on you and to show off your body, you can get a little sexy dress, with a gold touch or with a precious embroidery to stay on the Holiday mood.

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  1. Ma sono tutti stupendi questi vestiti c'è l'imbarazzo della scelta =) snack

  2. Really nice dresses, i love them! smack <3Lola

  3. Perfect dresses!! Merry Christmas!!! If you want, we can to follow each other on bloglovin! Just follow me here and I'll follow you back! ♥

  4. Bella selezione, tutti bellissimi questi abiti
    Buon Natale

  5. ci fosse un abito brutto sono uno più bello dell'altro:D

  6. Sono tutti molto belli c'è l'imbarazzo della scelta =)

  7. Adoro l'abito blu elettrico è troppo carino adattabile a molte occasioni!

  8. Quello nero e argento è perfetto per capodanno!!!
    Buona serata Franci

  9. Splendida selezione, belli gli ultimi!

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