The best of..November!!



Lovelook Family

My Charm giveaway

It's all'about Asymmetry

Fabira new in

November wishlist

I love you mom!

Squares and Flowers


Mariuccia collezione esclusiva

Choies giveaway

Dark outfit on a rainy day

Shiki riscalda l'inverno con la sua collezione

Five senses MyBeautyBox

Personalized gifts for Camilla

Harmont & Blaine Junior

The Elegance of Blue

Yobe sunglasses giveaway!

Fluo and denim

Beauty Balance GlossyBox

Blue passion

Feeling happy

Red lace

Wednesday morning

MyBeautyBox giveaway

The Clutcher

New Cinti boots

The best of.. October!

Betty: my new sunnies from Yobe