The secret for the perfect photo

venerdì, giugno 30, 2017

You know how much I'm into photography: it's part of my work, and of my life of course. I'm always searching for that perfect shot to be published on my social.
One thing I've learned so far, is that sometimes what you see into a picture isn't real.
Sometimes photographers use a little trick to help obtain a perfect shot.
Photography is not only about a good subject and a good light, you also need a nice location, with a interesting details and eye catching particulars.
Sometimes photographers don't search around for the perfect location, they just use a sort of false background, called backdrops.
 A backdrop is what you see behind the subject. A large piece of cloth with something like buildings, countryside, an enchanted forest, a perfect wall.. or simply a wood table, marble or somethign like these for a flatlay.
On Katebackdrop you can find a very large amount of backdrops of every kind: with a festival theme,  or about the most important moment of life (wedding, birthday and so on) or with an abstract texture, floral, wooden table, marble, with seasons theme..
One of my favorite is this beach backdrop for perfect summer shots!
I'm pretty sure, from this moment you're going to shot the best photos of your life!

4 commenti

  1. beautiful photo! :)

    xoxo, rae

  2. That is a really stunning photo thanks for sharing your tips

    Beauty Candy Loves

  3. I think I need to share on my web

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