Vintage Wedding Mother of the Bride Dresses

Weddings are all about ambiance. Really great weddings let you get lost in the illusion of another reality. Ambiance is just a number of tiny details, working together to create a specific reality for the evening. It's important to remember that every detail contributes to the illusion, right down to the attire of the most important guests.
While the custom of a wedding as a gift from the bride's parents may be falling by the wayside, the mother of the bride remains the most visible woman in the room, after the bride herself of course. Here are a few vintage wedding mother of the bride dresses types that allow her to shine.

Think of Edith Wharton's New York; starched butlers, silver candle sticks and engraved calling cards. An Edwardian wedding is the last word in elegance. Think tall arrangements of white roses, and candlelight. For a wedding like this the mother of the bride can be resplendent in a dress full of detail. Look for intricate beading and skirts that hang strait with a bit of sweep. Many Edwardian style dresses have net or chiffon overlays that add depth to the dress.

What better way to take advantage of a castle wedding venue than a full on medieval wedding? Think oversized wine goblets and tall torches lining the aisle. For a medieval wedding the mother of the bride can be dramatic, in a long, full gown made of rich velvet. She can experiment with a corset or finish the look with a sweeping hooded cloak.

Roaring Twenties
Imagine a wedding like a party out of The Great Gatsby. Towers of champagne flutes, and women dancing the charleston, wearing short skirts and fantastic head dresses. For a roaring twenties wedding, the mother of the bride can wear the costume of the traditional flapper. These dresses were straight, and shapeless, ending a few inches below the knee. Often a plunging back was accented by a long string of pearls worn in reverse.

Victorian Gothic
Gothic style is elegant with just a touch of darkness. Imagine black and red accents, and tall candelabra. Victorian Gothic dresses are all about fitted silhouettes, and deep dark colors accentuated with lace. The mother of the bride can embrace all the glamour of Victorian Gothic in a full skirted gown with a tiny defined waist. Playful, menswear inspired headdresses, and fascinators will help complete the look.

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  1. I love the dresses! I specifically want those on the 2nd set with black and nude color combos!

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  2. Most of them look like a vintage party dress more than the wedding one. Which is nice, because it is not one event dress but it's kind of not the one I want for my first wedding (and hope the only one wedding). Here are the other least of budget wedding dresses that look like they are for the wedding What do you think? Would you wear one of these for you wedding?


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