Through your eyes, to the heart.

lunedì, settembre 14, 2015

A magical place, going through your eyes, striking you directly to the heart.
An enchanted garden that can be home even for those who admire it for the very first time.
And perhaps this is its magic.
Perhaps this is what made me fall in love with Tenuta San Domenico, this or the delicate scent of roses.
(Here the other pictures in the beautiful place)

Un posto magico, che passa per i tuoi occhi, colpendoti direttamente al cuore.
Un giardino incantato capace di essere casa anche per chi lo ammira per la prima volta.
E forse è proprio questa la sua magia.
Forse è proprio questo che mi ha fatto innamorare di Tenuta San Domenico, questo o il delicato profumo di rose.
(Qui le altre foto scattate nella bellissima tenuta)

I was wearing:
Oasap crop top
Romwe skirt
Balenciaga sandals
Saint Laurent bag
Fabira earrings

Location: Capua, Tenuta San Domenico

17 commenti

  1. Fantastic skirt and earrings! Beautiful, feminine and glamorous outfit!

  2. u look chic, so love the skirt

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  4. Such an elegant and pretty outfit once again! I love gold and black together :)

  5. Such a beautiful location dear. Love the photos. Which camera do you use?


  6. great colour combo. gold on you looks amazing :)
    poncho - must have

  7. fantastic place :)
    you look great! :)

  8. You look beautiful dear!
    I love your skirt! :)

  9. Such a gorgeous top and skirt, you look STUNNING!

  10. love the top! looking so polished!

  11. Perfect! The outfit, the skintone, perferct!!!

  12. Bellissimo outfit!

  13. Love the black and gold combination- so chic and glamorous on you! ox



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