Current Pink Addictions


Same items that lately are always with me: my new striped cover combined with a pink wire charger curled up like a skein; a new nail polish; Minnie, Camilla's favorite doll of these days; and my first sport bra ever. Which is the color that reflects you in these days?

Alcune cose che ultimamente sono sempre con me: la mia nuova cover a righe abbinata al filo del caricatore rosa arrotolato come una matassa; un nuovo smalto; Minnie, il pupazzetto preferito di Camilla in questi giorni; e il mio primissimo sport bra. Qual è il colore che vi rispecchia in questi giorni?

My Current Pink Cravings:
AGENT18 cover and PHILO from l10trading
Kiko nail polish
H&M sport bra

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  1. I'm all about pink.

  2. Bellissima la cover e il top sportivo baci

  3. Great itens! Love the color of the top!

  4. Adoro la cover!!

    New post :

  5. really like the phone cover and cord thingie
    Keep in touch

  6. Il filo del caricatore è spettacolare!Troppo figo!
    Ultimamente anche io mi sono lasciata trascinare dal color rosa!
    P.S.Nuovo post da me,se ti va passa,ti aspetto!
    Baci baci C.

  7. I'm always a sucker for pink too! Like the sport bra especially- brightly coloured workout clothes always make me want to try harder :)


  8. I remember those little dolls. We used to call them "guys". I never went anywhere without them because I think it is cruel to expect children to sit quietly without anything to do. So we always had a book, a snack, and some guys. So easy!

  9. I like the phone case! Kiss!


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